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Jacy Velasquez

Mom Anxiety

One of my best girlfriends came over the other day. She tells the best stories and this visit was no exception! We sat down on my porch while our kids jumped and played in the blistering heat. Her 7 year old son is on the swim team at the country club where they are members – they’ve always considered him to be a very good swimmer, which he is. So She began like this, “My son had his 1st swim meet yesterday, our whole family was there to watch as he crossed that finish line and won his ribbon! And that he did, a full minute later than everyone else.” My friend said it was the longest and most awkward minute of her life as all the parents of the victors just watched waiting for her little fish to reach the finish line in complete silence! We both laughed at the awkwardness of that moment as our kids moved onto water balloons and throwing them at each other violently. A few minutes later, she proceeded to share of her new found mom anxiety, you see, in the county where we live there’s a certain amount of pressure when raising sons… it’s called “team sports.” Her oldest son is 13 and played golf when he was younger, but took a break for a while. He then went back into it only to find out he was now behind his peers and was only to be partnered with much younger kids – the 8 to 9 year olds. Obviously that’s awkward for a 6th grader –  not to mention mom. I realized in the middle of her story, “Uh oh, my kids don’t know how to do anything apart from breaking sticks throwing rocks and making mud!” This is where I begin to share in her mom anxiety. I said nothing of it to her but when our play date had ended, I started calling and emailing every coach of every team sport in middle Tennessee only to find out I had missed the cut off for registration. It felt like a secret society of which I was not a member! The questions begin to fill my mind… I think my kids are good swimmers, I think they run fast, but do they? Have I failed them in a big way? Is Soren gonna ask me, “Mom, how come all my friends are on the soccer team and get to travel and hang out and I can’t?” Are they going to be the kids that don’t fit in in high school? Will they be sitting off in a corner on campus wearing all black and smoking?

A few days went by and I called my friend and I told her that her anxiety had passed on to me. We laughed because we were both asking ourselves the exact same questions! We both had this epiphany that maybe we are square pegs trying to fit into round holes. Ha!

We have these incredible little kids who don’t really care about fitting in. So, why as parents should we force them to be like everyone else? Right? We have to trust that God will show us in time where he wants them to be AND if they are listening for His voice they will inform us as to what God has put on their hearts. In the mean time we spend our days making memories that only we can share in as a family. Athletics peer pressure will come, but for now WE are each other’s universe and that day will come to an end so let’s soak it up now! Bring on family marathon movie nights (after they do their chores, of course). I highly recommend a giant Xorbee ( for family fun and memory making! I got one just for our family. I believe in what they are doing. They have also created special bean bags for soothing kids with autism and special needs and it works!!!!

Josue Baez @ Selecciones

Jose Baez - Alza tus Ojos (30 downloads) Josue Baez - Angeles (30 downloads) Josue Baez - Asi es mi Vida (26 downloads)

Lil’ Will Vargas @ “Este Es Mi Tiempo”

Lil’ Will Vargas LanzaSencillo Promocional “Este Es Mi Tiempo”

Lil’ Will Vargas @ “Este Es Mi Tiempo” (77 downloads)

El adorador Lil’Will Vargas lanza el segundo sencillo “Este Es Mi Tiempo” de suprimera producción musical. Un tema que ya está siendo de bendicion endiferentes ciudades, estados y paises a tráves de las diferentes estaciones deradios cristianas y seculares. Muchas vidas se estan identificando con ladeclaración que hace el adorador en su lindo tema.

Lil’ Will Vargasesta declarando que ha llegado su tiempo, hora y momento, porque está mirandoel cumplimiento de las promesas de Dios hechas varios años atras a su vida.

“Este es mi tiempo porque he entendido El tiempo de Dios hallegado, donde El a determinado bendecir mi vida, ministerio y los mios. Murosse estan cayendo, puertas estan abiertas, los cielos se han abierto para mi ysiento su gloria como nunca antes en mi vida. Dios no es como los hombres queprometen y no cumplen, El va a cumplir lo que te ha prometido, El esfiel,” Declaro Lil’ Will.

“Te invito a unirte conmigo en una declaración profética,posiblemente han pasados muchos años tu esperando algo que Dios ha prometido atu vida y no ha llegado. Quizas ha tenido dias de lagrimas y dolores esperandoel momento de Dios. Levántate y determina en el dia de hoy que ha llegado tu tiempo,tiempo de triunfar, conquistar y alcanzar todo lo que Dios te haprometido,” expresó Lil’ Will.


Sobre Lil’ Will Vargas

Lil’ Will Vargas es unadorador, hijo de padres dominicanos. Fué escojido por Dios desde que era unniño para adorar, nacido y criado en el evangelio. Es un joven que ha dedicadosu vida al servicio de Dios.

Actualmente es parte delMinisterio “Restaurando Al Caído”. Sus padres Maximo Vargas & laadoradora Victoria Vargas.

Lil’ Will es el númerotres de cuatros hermanos.

Su Ministerio se ha dadoa conocer globalmente a tráves de Youtube.

En el mes de Julio del2012 lanzó su primer sencillo “Nunca Te He Dejado” que estasiendo de Bendición a muchos, a través del Internet, Radio cristiana &Emisoras seculares. En el mes de Abril del 2014 lanzó su segundo sencillo “EsteEs Mi Tiempo”.

Desde septiembre del 2014ya esta disponible el disco “Este Es Mi Tiempo”.

Victoria Vargas Lanza Sencillo Promocional “No Te Des Por Vencido”

Victoria Vargas Lanza Sencillo Promocional “No Te Des Por Vencido”

Victoria Vargas (57 downloads)


La canta-autora Dominicana Victoria Vargas lanza su primer sencillo “No Te Des Por Vencido” de su Tercera producción musical que lleva el mismo tema (No Te Des Por Vencido), que saldra al mercado en Abril 2017.

El tema “No Te Des Por Vencido” fue producido por el Adorador y productor Gerson Kelly. Es una composición original de la canta-autora que nace en un tiempo de prueba donde pensó que Dios se habia olvidado de ella.

“El propósito de este tema es para levantar vidas que sienten que todo esta perdido, que en su desierto han sentido que Dios se ha olvidado de ellos. A esas personas que han sido marcadas por los golpes de la vida, quiero animarte a que te levantes y determines en el dia de hoy que Dios no ha terminado contigo. La crisis que estás viviendo hoy es plan de Dios para promoverte y llevarte a un nuevo nivel para alcanzar lo que tú no haz alcanzado. Siempre vendrán situaciones difíciles a nuetras vidas para que nuestra Fe sea probada. Por lo tanto No Te Des Por Vencido, sigue esperando en Dios y en sus promesas que son si y Amén. Lo que Dios dijo de ti se cumplirá, porque El no miente.”, Declaró Victoria Vargas